Eliot Siegel Portraits

The Boudoir / Makeover Portrait



There are so many great reasons to book a Boudoir, Makeover (or combination of
the two) Portrait session by Eliot Siegel for yourself or your Wife / Partner. I’ve been a
fashion / lingerie photographer for many years, shooting for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar,
Vogue, GQ & Esquire. Thanks to experience, I know exactly how to bring out your finest
physical & sensual qualities by using light and environment to our advantage, and
secondly, understanding how to create the
best of your positioning and posture,
showing you at your most elegant.(I even wrote and illustrated a book on that
subject, called Photographing Women, see it on the Amazon bookstore!)

Boudoir photography is sensual above all, never vulgar. I prefer to see women as Strong
& independent, with an identifiable sense of self awareness and great body consciousness,
regardless of the dress size, regardless of what magazines portray as ‘the perfect woman’.
There are beautiful aspects and angles to EVERY woman,
and I’ll work my magic to find them for you.

As far as magic is concerned, lingerie has elastic that pinches your skin slightly, and it affects
everyone, including lingerie models. I have some wonderful tricks that I use every day to remedy
the situation, not to mention a very expensive skin treatment software that smoothes out
blotchyness in arms and legs, and makes faces appear ever so slightly younger, but
NATURALLY, without giving you that plastic mannequin ‘airbrushed’ look.
It’s important to me that you look like you.

On feeling Comfortable…
I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t a bit nervous about doing a boudoir shoot.
What I like to do is start my shoot with you in a Fashionable outfit; anything
that makes you feel good about yourself. It could be your favourite little
black dress with heels, or a great pair of jeans, boots and teeshirt.
Once you’ve had your Makeup and Hair done by a qualified and creative artist,
I’ll start the photography process by gently guiding you through a series of easy to manage
poses and movements that introduce you to the way I work and get you into the swing of the
shoot. Within minutes, any jitters will have subsided and your confidence will be restored. Now you’ll be
ready and able to fully enjoy your Boudoir experience. We’ll work together as
collaborators to create something truly special.

Boudoir shoots are for the Ladies (and some Gentlemen) between 18 and 80 and of all sizes and
shapes. Fashion shoots are for any age and gender. I use talented, professional
Makeup and Hair artists who understand what it takes to get you
looking your best for the camera and the most favourable response to light.
All the photographs are processed in both colour and black & white.
Call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have about
doing this type of shoot.

Trust me to make you gorgeous.

Boudoir and Fashion Portrait session fee:

The cost of your personal photoshoot is £495 and includes roughly an hour of professional
hair & makeup pampering to magazine standard,plus a 2-3 hour photo shoot in the comfort
of your own lovely home. I’ve found that women are far more comfortable in their own
lovingly designed space, and You’ve never before seen your home looking so beautiful in
Couples are welcome to shoot a Boudoir session with a supplemental charge of £200, or  £695 for both
partners.  Same sex female couples need to pay an extra £100 to cover the difference in the
hair & makeup costs.
Studio shoots, hotel and location shoots can also be arranged at cost of hire, typically
from £100, to suit your taste. See http://www.altostratus.co.uk/ for location
inspiration. Altostratus locations start from £200 for a four hour shoot and are well worth the cost.
Your Shoot includes up to 4-5 outfit changes, as well as 5 fully retouched hi-resolution photos
saved as digital files on CD, and 5 sumptuous A4 size prints from the same files.
Luscious leather Albums, coffee table books, framed and un-framed prints and
many other products are all available to you at the prices
you see listed on my Product Prices page.

If you would like to purchase a session voucher as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please contact me and I will create a personalised voucher for you. Vouchers can be ordered for the price of the session, or the session plus the cost of some prints or product/s.