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The Art Portrait



The Art Portrait is my gallery of portraiture as Art, in a very literal sense of the word.
As with much of my Fine Art Photography, (see www.eliotsiegelgallery.com) I go on little
adventures with camera in tow, searching out interesting textures in the landscape,
or the magical way that light passes through objects to create something that could
only exist for that fractional moment in time.

I use a process called ‘sandwiching of negatives’, which quite simply is the mixing
of two or more images to create one new, completely unique composition.
I frequently employ a Fine Art Photography technique known as Polaroid Transfer,
and I can achieve at least three completely different effects depending on whether the
images are combined organically, manually, or quite literally melted off it’s base.

I find that using these methods gives me great creative satisfaction, and my subject gets
a photograph that is not only interesting and flattering,
but a truly bespoke work of art. I spend a considerable amount of time and energy creating these special pieces, experimenting with this or that idea, until something beautiful and unique is created.

Trust me to tell your story.
Eliot Siegel

The cost of creating a bespoke Fine Art Portrait in Mixed Media is £3,500 and includes one large, beautifully framed print, signed by the Artist: Glass size approx 40 inches x 30 inches depending on the photo.  

If you would like to purchase a session as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please contact me and I will create a personalised card for you. Cards can be ordered for the price of the session, or the session plus the cost of some prints or product/s.