Eliot Siegel Portraits

Families on the Beach



In the London area, it’s a bit hard to find a beach, but in Devon, in and around the
vicinity of up and coming Plymouth, beaches are beautiful, plentiful, and seriously photogenic.
I spend some time every spring and summer enjoying and photographing families
on these lovely beaches, and people are coming from all over the UK to enjoy the
cool rocky coastlines and soft sand between their toes. As a photographer in London, I am
happy to say that it’s wonderful to make an escape every now and again;
to work in the clean air and create family portraits that just
can’t be done at home in the big city.

Portraiture on a beach is like shooting in a studio in some ways;
the backgrounds as clean and simple as you choose them to be, and you
benefit from the expanse and freedom of movement, not to
mention that children always see a beach as a special experience,
especially if they are growing up in the city.

As a London based photographer, I can be easily persuaded to make
arrangements with you to get together on the great beaches of the South West
at a mutually convenient time, and make a bookload of memorable
beach based portraits of you and your family. See how lovely
the mural / collages work in the photo gallery…

Trust me to tell your story.

Family & Children’s Portrait Session Fees:

Includes a 1-2 hour photo-shoot at your home or on location / park etc, and a viewing
session within 2 weeks after your portrait session. The cost of the
session includes my time and experience only, PLUS one large A3 size print (unframed).
All of my products; including prints, framed prints, albums, coffee table
books and much more, can be purchased separately at your viewing session.
Please see my Products & Prices page for details of what’s available
to you and at what cost.
(Monday-Sunday) £250 per session
A supplemental fee of £100 applies if you prefer a
STUDIO Portrait session, purely to cover studio hire.


If you would like to purchase a session voucher as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please contact me and I will create a personalised voucher for you. Vouchers can be ordered for the price of the session, or the session plus the cost of some prints or product/s.