Eliot Siegel Portraits

Families at the Park – Part 3

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London, Sweet London. Our wonderful Parks are surely the reason
that London is such a colossal seat of beauty and one of the most
precious natural environments of all the great cities of the world.
As you might gather from looking at my photo-galleries
of families photographed at the Park,  I have a keen
fondness for working out in Nature, and I find that families
can relax and ‘get away from it all’ for an hour or two,
which can create a different general attitude to portraits done at
home or in studio.

I encourage a lot of physical activity wherever possible; children
and adults alike often come out of themselves when in movement,
forgetting their inherent timidity. Movement is a plan of action that you can
see I exploit in many, if not all of my galleries.

A London Portrait Photographer is very lucky to have so many
visually worthy landscapes at our fingertips: Bushy Park,
Teddington Lock, Richmond Park, Ravenscourt Park, Hyde Park
and too many others to name are background to hundreds
of Family Portraits that I’ve taken through the years.
Call me and let’s go to a park that you love and
create beautiful, natural environmental images of you
and your family.

Trust me to tell your story.

Family & Children’s Portrait Session Fees:

Includes a 1-2 hour photo-shoot at your home or on location / park etc, and a viewing
session within 2 weeks after your portrait session. The cost of the
session includes my time and experience only, PLUS one large A3 size print (unframed).
All of my products; including prints, framed prints, albums, coffee table
books and much more, can be purchased separately at your viewing session.
Please see my Products & Prices page for details of what’s available
to you and at what cost.
(Monday-Sunday) £250 per session
A supplemental fee of £100 applies if you prefer a
STUDIO Portrait session, purely to cover studio hire.


If you would like to purchase a session voucher as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please contact me and I will create a personalised voucher for you. Vouchers can be ordered for the price of the session, or the session plus the cost of some prints or product/s.