Eliot Siegel Portraits

Family at Home

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It makes sense that children feel very comfortable at home, and that photographing
them in an environment that they know well, and feel secure in must only be a good
thing. Having all the toys and furry creatures at hand make great props and
accessories.  I love to try all different places in and around the
home; the Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, as well as the
Garden, if one exists. I play with the natural
ambient light, as flash can be off-putting
for some children.

Trust me to tell their story.

Family Portrait Session Fees:

Includes a 1-2 hour photo-shoot at your home or on location / park etc, and a viewing
session within 2 weeks after your portrait session. The cost of the
session includes my time and experience only, PLUS one large A3 size print (unframed).
All of my products; including prints, framed prints, albums, coffee table
books and much more, can be purchased separately at your viewing session.
Please see my Products & Prices page for details of what’s available
to you and at what cost.
(Monday-Sunday) £250 per session
A supplemental fee of £100 applies if you prefer a
STUDIO Portrait session, purely to cover studio hire.

If you would like to purchase a session voucher as a present for a partner, family member or friend – please contact me and I will create a personalised voucher for you. Vouchers can be ordered for the price of the session, or the session plus the cost of some prints or product/s.